Invitation To Quote for the Development and Implementation of a Customized ERP System, Freezer IOT Capabilities and Integration of Multiple Management Systems to manage End-to-End Workflow and Automation

Invitation To Quote

The Dessert Empire is inviting agencies to submit proposals for the development and implementation of a customized ERP system, freezer IOT capabilities and integration of multiple Management Systems to manage End-to-End Workflow and Automation.

Interested agencies are the submit their proposals by 15th May 2020 before 5pm.

Please see below for the details of Scope of Work, Evaluation Criteria and Submission guidelines.

Brief Background of The Dessert Empire

Our beginnings can be traced back to the 1970s where we started as a Japanese ice cream shop in Liang Court Mall, Singapore. In the mid-2000s, The Dessert Empire was formed to take control over the shop and expand its operations into the food service industry.

Our factories are now located in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and China and our customers range from cafes and hotels to airlines and cruise ships.

We make an array of frozen desserts like ice cream, gelato, soft serves and novelty items which includes ice cream cakes, ice cream sandwich and ice cream bars and all these can be customized to the need of the market.

Our aim is to become a leader in providing frozen desserts tailored to the needs of the customers in Asia. We consider ourselves as “enablers” that provide opportunities for our customers to grow and be profitable. We focus on being service-oriented and efficient and we constantly strive in improving our products and our process.


Over the past few years, our Research & Development team at The Dessert Empire have experimented with numerous recipes and various bases for the gelato and sorbet in order to create the perfect product. Today, The Dessert Empire manufactures and supplies three different bases – Premium, Regular and Basic, catering to a wider business market.

Our services are specifically-designed and catered to meet your individual business needs, thus enabling us to recommend the most appropriate style for your business. We offer various packaging ideas for your gelato needs and recommend the most appropriate form of packaging that best fits your business format.

To enhance the convenience of individual clients, our flavours are sold wholesale in various sizes – 2.4-litre plastic, 5-litre metal and 5-litre plastic tubs.

Private Label & Customization

We understand that our customers have unique requirement and we are more than happy to help them achieve their goals. Be it a flavor, packaging or a type of presentation we will do our best!

Scope of Work

Centralized ERP System for end-to-end management of Production, Sales and Distribution of Frozen Desserts

Sales Order Management Module, Digitization of Ordering Forms

  • 4 to 5 Online Webform Management feature to automate ordering
  • Order escalation, approval, review, re-direction features to streamline approvals
  • Features to automate RFQ process
  • Automatic alerts to Production Team

Production Materials and Stock Management Module:

  • Materials check, inventory availability check features to better gauge ability to fulfil orders
  • Management and status reports for workflow
  • Automatic updates and maintenance to real-time inventory levels


  • Integration with 3rd Software Systems for Delivery planning (Versafleet), Delivery Tracking (Cartrack) for easy monitoring of delivery statuses in one place instead of having to log into different systems
  • Mobile Responsive for On-The-Road easy Management

Finance and Billing:

  • Integration with Xero Finance & Accounting, eliminate manual entry and double-updates

Access and approval rights:

  • Multiple User Access Login with customized rights assignment for Approvals & Reviews


  • Comprehensive Dashboard Management Alerts with custom reports
  • Key Metrics Management Reporting

Freezer IOT (Internet of Things) Module- Integrated Software and Hardware

Freezer Temperature Monitoring functional development
Application Programming Interface (API) Development to IOT sensors and hardware
Dashboard Monitoring Design

5-6 Bluetooth Low Energy Solutions (BLE) Temperature and Humidity Sensor
Food grade sensors
Bluetooth Low Energy Solutions (BLE) Reader

Smart Alerts and Reporting

  • Feature to trigger instantaneous Mobile alert via SMS or WhatsApp
  • Temperature integrated to ERP Dashboard for quick management view
  • Integrate SMS or WhatsApp API for fast Mobile Alert

Integrate Versafleet Transport Management Software (TMS)

  • Versafleet API Access
  • Jobs, Drivers, Vehicles and Customer Database
  • Triggering instantaneous Mobile alert via SMS or WhatsApp
  • Integrate with Invoicing system
  • Webhook Events where necessary
  • Key metrices integrated with ERP for overall view

Subscription to Versafleet will be done by The Dessert Empire

Integrate CarTrack Vehicle Telematics

Web-services SOAP and REST API
Key Telematics Data Integration
Temperature monitoring mobile alert
Alerts such as speeding, harsh breaking, cornering, unscheduled usage

Subscription to CarTrack will be done by The Dessert Empire

WorkFlow Design and Management Module

Automation features will be developed to streamline/automate the following workflow:

  • Quote request receiving
  • Quote sending
  • Tracking Customers’ acceptance / rejection (if rejected, prompt for re-quote)
  • Automatic Material and Stock check alert
  • Quote acceptance processing
  • Billing Management (with integration to Xero)
  • Job Creation and Assignment to internal production team
  • Initiation of Production: System prompts designed based on production plan inputted
  • Routing to Delivery / Logistics team
  • Goods accountability, in/out of warehouse
  • Monitor and manage goods delivery, tracking of delivery status (on time, delayed)
  • Automatic notifications to customers about delays (optional)
  • Manage customer collection acknowledgement / sign-off
  • Automates billings to customer, reminders and payment statuses

Integration with Invoicing System (Xero)

Build and customize information Templates for financial and invoicing information

Job Data integration

  • Raise Invoice in Accounting System automatically upon Job Delivered from ERP system, eliminating double-work and manual keying-in

Subscription to Xero will be done by The Dessert Empire

Integration with Inventory System (Xero)

  • Production Material Tracking made possible now in ERP system
  • Facilitate Restocking Forecast
  • Consolidate Low Quantity Alert
  • Integrated with ERP and Workflow

Subscription to Xero will be done by The Dessert Empire

Evaluation Criteria

The proposals will be evaluated based on the following critieria :

  1. Compliance with the Specifications
  2. Company Track Record and Experience
  3. Price Competitiveness
  4. Ability to deliver not only Software but also IOT requirements for this project


Interested agencies are to submit the following items together with their proposals :

  1. Full cost breakdown, specifying one-time charge and recurring costs
  2. Profiles of the company and the project team
  3. List of past projects and clientele list
  4. Other value-added services

The proposals are to be submitted to : with email subject as “ITQ ERP IOT Proposal”.

Proposals are to be submitted no later than 15th May 2020 5pm.

Terms & Conditions

  • Due to the nature of the ITQ, The Dessert Empire may only be able to respond to shortlisted agencies
  • The Dessert Empire reserves the right to accept or reject sections of the proposal when awarding the project to the successful agency
  • The Dessert Empire reserves the right to change the scope of work specifications within reasonable limits
  • The Dessert Empire reserves the right to the working files and source codes of the development upon full payment
  • The Dessert Empire shall be under no obligation to accept the proposal with the lowest quote.
  • Agency is required to treat all information shared on this project with strict confidentiality.